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RYA dinghy and power boat training

RYA Instructor Endorsements

These are one or two-day courses for those who already have their instructor qualification but would like to gain a further instructional discipline.

Racing Instructors Endorsement

1-Day course looking at the racing modules in the dinghy coaches hand book (G14)
Course Cost 200

Dinghy Instructor Endorsement

2-Day Course.
Looking at the Dinghy Scheme in the dinghy coaches hand book (G14)
Adapting to the:

  1. Double Handed Dinghy Method
  2. The Single-Handed Method
  3. Capsize recovery
  4. Seamanship

Course Cost 400

Multi hull Endorsement

Two-day Course
Looking at:

  1. Rigging
  2. Adapting to the Multi Hull Method primarily Tacking & Gybing
  3. Trapezing
  4. Capsize recovery
  5. Seamanship including Man Over board

Course Cost 400

Keel-Boat Instructor Endorsement

Two Day Course
Looking at:

  1. Keel boating method
  2. Navigation/Chart work
  3. Tides
  4. Seamanship

Course Cost 400

You will need the following certifications

Current version of the following publications.

Either E-Books or Paper copies

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